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Frames From The Weekend 9/12/2014 – 9/14/2014

I’m back from Aruba! I feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer fall in New York. Speaking of, I returned to beautiful chilly weather here in Manhattan and embraced it with open arms. Aruba heat was glorious but I’m more than ready for crisp mornings and a rainbow of color-changing leaves.

FFTW Summer

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I’m working on a full vacation recap post but for now I’ll leave you with a few snippets from this past weekend.


{ARUBA! I’ll make this recap brief but I must mention how much I adored the tiny Caribbean island. My parents and I are already plotting our return.}


{I flew back to NYC late Saturday evening and was greeted with a chilly and rainy city. I was exhausted the next morning and allowed myself an extra two hours of sleep before setting out on my long run of the week, 14 miles. Luckily, the weather stayed in the mid-60s and I didn’t melt into a sweaty puddle. The run was tough, most likely because of the long travel the previous day, but I pushed through and enjoyed a rewarding breakfast of french toast afterwards. The rest of Sunday was spent mainly on my couch with snacks and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m already on season 5! Nope, not addicted at all… In an attempt to be semi-productive in the evening, I made my current favorite bread and accidentally spilled flax seed in the process.}

Are you sad that summer is over or are you more than ready for fall?

Any other ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans out there?

♥ Irina

Hi From…



I’m taking a short break from life and enjoying the healing power of Caribbean saltwater. There’s a special calmness about this island. It pushes away irrelevant, stressful thoughts and keeps only the critical ones in the forefront of my mind. The decisions that I’ve been pondering over these past few months are suddenly clear…I know they were the right ones. Clarity is a beautiful feeling.

Aruba sunset

I’ll be back to posting regularly next week!

♥ Irina

Marathon Training (Week 18)

I completely forgot to share my updated Hartford Marathon training plan last week! Because I ended up swapping out the NYC Marathon, I had to shorten the plan by a few weeks. I moved around some long runs and added in a 19-miler for more consistency. You can find the full plan here.

P.S. –  Please donate to my cancer research fundraising here! All proceeds go to charity. Many many thanks!

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{heat and humidity may be my two worst running enemies but nothing beats a new PDR}

WEEK 18 (9/1/2014 – 9/7/2014)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 9 mile run Rest
Wednesday60 min Cross-training 9 mile run (1:28:22 @ 9:49 min/mi)
Thursday: 6 mile pace (58:16 mins @ 9:43 min/mi)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 19 mile run (3:19:15 @ 10:29 min/mi)
Sunday50 min bike Rest
TOTAL = 34 miles

Thoughts: I can’t help it, I need to complain!! Fall where the hell are you?!? I can’t stand running in 70º temps anymore, and don’t even get me started on 80º temps. The training week didn’t start out on a positive note. I overslept on Tuesday and had to move the scheduled 9 mile run to Wednesday, forcing me to have two consecutive running days. I was obviously worried about how my body would handle this, but I somehow managed to push through two long-ish runs on Wednesday and Thursday before work.

Now let’s discuss Saturday’s long run. I spent Thursday and Friday obsessively checking the weather and eventually accepted the inevitable – 90 degrees and high humidity (85% +). Normally I would reschedule the run to Sunday but this wasn’t an option this weekend, and so I set out bright and early to conquer a new PDR. I was sweating 0.5 miles into the run, and ultimately ended up completely drenched a few more miles in. It was unreal…my clothes, my shorts, everything was as if I came out of a shower! I forced myself to slow down and take rest breaks as needed, drank water at every mile, fueled with Shot Bloks every two miles, and took a salt pill hourly. Even with all these precautions, I ended up struggling with dehydration and exhaustion the final six miles. But I made it!!! Fun story – a black cat randomly crossed the road right in front of me three miles into the run. Luckily (no pun intended), I actually believe black cats are good luck so I took it as a good sign! I guess it worked because I experienced minimal arch pain (but it’s still consistently there…) and actually completed all 19 miles.

♥ Irina

Frames From The Weekend 9/5/2014 – 9/7/2014

Hello darlings! Did you enjoy the first weekend of September? We weren’t blessed with fall-like weather yet (quite the opposite actually) but I have my hopes high for the upcoming weeks.

FFTW Summer

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This recap is going to be a short one…enjoy!


{Saturday’s run was perhaps the worst one yet, mainly because the temps hovered in the mid-80s and the humidity percentage was even higher. I slugged through 19 (!!!) miles and came home drenched. Drenched! It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced after a run, but I’m proud for conquering not only a new PDR but my worst running enemies as well (heat & humidity).}

I apologize for not responding to your comments these past two weeks. Things have been a bit busy around here but rest assured I’ve been reading them and keeping up with all your blogs!

Happy Monday!

Who else had to battle out insanely high heat and humidity?

♥ Irina