Fun With Fashion

I’ve been feeding my shopping addiction for quite some time already, and it has only gotten worse these past few weeks. has been sending me weekly reminders of my frivolous spending habits with ominous alerts that always begin with “High Spending Alert!”

Thanks for “keeping me in check”…

While I go figure out my life, here are some recent and not-so-recent purchases of mine that are worth sharing. Enjoy!

1.) Skull Bracelet

I’ve always had a punk rock chick hidden away inside of me, and occassionally I bring her out to play. From the moment I set eyes on this bracelet I could not stop thinking about it. I returned to Bloomingdales a week later vowing to purchase it if it was still there (it was the last one), and of course it was all meant to be <– justification.

I’m not sure what the brand of the bracelet is, but you can find almost identical ones at Anarchy Street. I swoon over blue and gold skull bracelet!

Skull bracelet: $28
Irina’s infinite happiness: priceless

2.) Boutique9 Leopard Pumps

These babies were a recent purchase at DSW. The original price scared me away ($109…no thanks), but at 50% off I couldn’t resist! To be honest, I bought them only because I needed to spend at least $29 to get a free bag in stores, and these were the best shoes I found that day. I still haven’t decided if I will keep them, but it sure is tempting.

3.) Lululemon Wunder Unders

Running outdoors in near-freezing temps is no easy feat, but it must be done thanks to my upcoming race this month. The running tights I recently purchased ended up being too thin to withstand the frigid Chicago wind, and I knew that I needed to invest in something more durable.

Surprise surprise, Lululemon instantly came to mind and I decided it was worth it to see what all the hype was about. My rationale was this: I would buy a pair of tights/pants from the store, test them out, and return them if they didn’t meet the requirement of keeping my legs warm. After all, who needs an expensive pair of tights that are useless?

Yesterday’s 4 mile (!) run in 34ºF temp proved to me that the Wunder Unders are AMAZING! My legs almost felt hot…seriously. I was so impressed! I guess Lululemon clothes really are all that they are made out to be.

It’s safe to say that these purchases probably make up only ~5% of all my recent purchases. Maybe it’s time for an intervention. Hey, keep up the good work! Eventually you might just have a breakthrough…

What are some of your recent purchases worth mentioning?

Do you use to manage your finances? Are there any better tools out there to use? Fill me in!

♥ Irina