Tulle Is Cool – DIY Tulle Skirt

Given that I’m running the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday, I had the brilliant idea of making a green tulle skirt for the occasion. I spent $13 on tulle of different shades of green and a thick green ribbon. With no plan in mind, I procrastinated making the skirt…until today. With Google to the rescue, I executed the simplest technique ever. Lots of cutting was involved.

You will need:

–  6.5 yards of tulle: I used three different colors and split the color amounts as shown on the receipt below. To make a puffier skirt, use more tulle (about 9 yards)

– 1.5 yards of thick 1.5 inch ribbon: I chose a color to match my tulle (make sure you can comfortably tie the ribbon around your waist)

– scissors


1.) Lay out the tulle the long way and roll it up into a long tube

2.) Cut the rolled up tulle in 2 inch intervals

3.) You will soon have  a massive pile of green tulle. Take your ribbon and measure out, using a strip of tulle on each end, where the tulle skirt will start and end. Make sure that there is enough ribbon on the ends to easily tie the skirt around your waist.

4.) Add the tulle strips to it as follows:

– Fold the tulle strip in half and place beneath the ribbon as shown below

– Take the loose ends of the tulle and loop them over the ribbon and through the loop where the tulle folds

– Pull the knot tightly to secure the tulle on the ribbon

5.) Continue adding the tulle strips, alternating colors as desired, until the ribbon is filled. Don’t tie the tulle knots too close together to ensure that there is enough to fill the entire skirt

6.) Use a match to burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying

I’ll be honest- this was a time-consuming task but my perfectionist self would not allow for the final product to be less than perfect.


The only problem? The skirt ended up being ridiculously puffy. Like I’m-gonna-knock-over-everyone-I-run-past puffy.

I’m not 100% sure if I will be wearing it on Sunday…

I guess I can always use it as headgear right?

Kidding! I think…

Have a great weekend!

P.S – I had a nightmare about running last night. First, I was late to the Shamrock Shuffle and ended up being the last person to cross the start line. On top of that, I somehow managed to forget all of my running gear and ended up having to run in my jeans and slippers. HA! I woke up with an uneasy feeling and slightly less motivation to run on Sunday :/

Have you ever had any running-related nightmares?

♥ Irina