Scenes From The Weekend 3/23 – 3/25

It’s Monday Funday! Not…

I’m not in the best mood today, so consider this a (mostly) wordless post.


A trip to Nordstrom Rack led me to these beauties. I’ve been searching for red patent pumps for a while and I swooned the moment I saw these. Luckily (yes…luckily) these were half a size too small, because otherwise I just might have dropped the ridiculous $170 on these!

This was a gift from my sister after she returned from Russia. The cartoon is known as Chiburashka and is perhaps the most famous in the country. Translation of the writing on the shirt: Will Hug For Oranges 🙂


Required weekend breakfast- onesie buckwheat pancake

Early morning movie with the parentals- Hunger Games! I had extreme anxiety throughout the movie, but I found it to be incredibly well-filmed. Hmm I would give it a solid B.


Post Shamrock Shuffle brunch with the fam at The Grove in Lincoln Park.

The best post-run fuel: a jam-packed veggie skillet with runny sunny eggs. Yum!

A gift from my dad! Perfect for my aching legs…ouch :/

The perfect dinner- a massive salad from Whole Paycheck with a side of hydrating coconut water!

How was your weekend?

♥ Irina