Flashback Friday: 2011 Dominican Republic Vacation

Oopsies…I forgot to do a Flashback Friday post last week! My brain has been mush for the past week (personal relationship issues) and I simply have not been myself. Without getting into more detail, here’s this week’s Flashback!


December 2011 was what I considered my winter break. As I previously mentioned, I took the month off in-between my job transition. And you know what winter break means, right? Vacation!!!

My mom, sister and I decided to spoil ourselves with a luxurious ladies caribbean vacation to the Dominican Republic in mid December.

It was glorious. Need I say more? No, I don’t need to say more…I’ll let photos do most of the talking.

It all started out with an early morning flight…

The long trip there was definitely worth it. How can it not be with this view?The view from our hotel was literally a breath of fresh air.Wow I miss waking up to this stunning view every morning.

The vacation can be summed up in a few words: eating, swimming, reading, sleeping, and more eating. Perfection if I do say so myself!I’m not a big fan of swimming (I hate hate hate cold water), but the ocean was pleasantly tolerable. My sis and I took advantage of the powerful ocean and used it for leg exercises (don’t ask…)

Long walks on the beach became a daily tradition

There’s nothing like the blazing hot sun beaming down on your shoulders and seeping into your heart and soul

Where’s my pot of gold?

Given that our trip was right around Christmas, the resort was decked out with appropriate decorations.

Happy Holidays! Too bad this is a total photo bomb…I would close my eyes!

The trip ended as fast as it began. As sad as we were to leave, 5 days in paradise was plenty. Needless to say, I missed my home and cooking!

Private jet, that’s how I roll.

Till next time, Dominican Republic. We will meet again!

♥ Irina