An Unfortunate (Running) Injury

I haven’t mentioned this quite yet (probably because I’ve been MIA for days at a time), but for the past few months since I started training for the Shamrock ShuffleI have been dealing with various pains in my lower legs and ankles. The “traveling” pain would move from my ankles to my shins and up to my knees. My mistake was to ignore it…a big no-no!

After I ran the Shamrock Shuffle, the pain in my ankles was more prominent than ever. I decided to take some time off to heal, but of course I made a rash decision to register for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in July. Smart? Nope. I took a week off and began training again. The problem was that the pain would not subside.

I decided to buy a pair of compression socks which I firmly believe work wonders for recovery.

So far I’m loving them!

I also started wrapping my ankles and icing:

Almost immediately after compressing and icing, the pain subsided! Unfortunately, running would still bring forth a nagging pain in my lower legs.

I knew it was time to pay the podiatrist a visit. Last Saturday I visited the doctor in fear of what he would say. The information I received was not news to me – I have flat feet and need supportive insoles to make up for the lack of arches. Otherwise my (minor but developing) shin splits would progressively and quickly worsen. Bummer!

The problem is that the insoles would have to be molded to properly fit my feet and the entire process will take upwards of two weeks. Ummm I can’t take almost 3 weeks off from training! I have a half marathon to run in 15 weeks!

So what’s a girl to do? Well…I am going to carefully continue to run, compress, and ice.

Yesterday I ran a quick 2 miles virtually pain-free and it was certainly encouraging!

I iced, compressed, elevated, and even slept in my compression socks.

I did experience some pain today but I am honestly hoping for the best regardless. I’ll be completely honest- I firmly believe that my heel-wearing habits are a major cause of this injury. Last summer I rarely wore heels and had zero problems, but once I started working in January and consistently wearing heels, the pains began. It’s unfortunate but I no longer wear heels to work…my health is more important than appearance!

Ok well this rant has gone on long enough. I’ll keep you updated on this!

How have you dealt with running/training/sports injuries? Any suggestions for a newbie?

♥ Irina


  1. April 26, 2012 / 1:04 pm

    Hi Irina! I just found your blog and I’m dealing with the same nerves – I’m slowing building up my own mileage (hopefully for a half marathon in July) but as I start getting longer and longer runs, I’m noticing little pains that are making me super nervous about full-blown injuries. I don’t have any advice to give you but I am really interested to see how this plays out…and of course, to follow along with the rest of your training!

    • April 27, 2012 / 1:35 am

      Thanks for visiting, Faith! Being new to running (for me at least) makes it very difficult to figure out where to draw the line for every little pain and nag. I hope all goes well for you too!