Waiting For The Rain

I used to hate rain. Hate. My reasons were all shallow and vain – frizzy hair, sticky skin, excessive moisture. Going to a large state school for college only exacerbated the animosity as I had to lug my a** half a mile to class daily. I’ll admit that such feelings are still occasionally present during  rainy weather, especially when I primp myself for a night out, but nowadays rain brings me much more joy than despair.

Lets start from 6am today. For the first time all week, I awoke to sunlight bursting through the hotel window.

Sometimes it’s the little things that set the perfect tone for the day to come. The fact that it’s Thursday fueled the happiness fire as well! As you may already know, Thursdays are basically Fridays for me since I travel Mon-Thurs and work from home on Fridays.

Anyway, breakfast was the usual- a perfect bowl of oats with some some extras. I’ve been adding protein power and maca powder into the mix lately, but I’m honestly not a fan of the chalky additions. I have to figure out another way to add protein powder into my diet!

I bring pre-mixed baggies of oatmeal each week for quick and easy prep in the microwave. Bananas are also either brought from home or taken courtesy of the hotel breakfast. And yes, I bring my own bowl from home!

(yesterday’s mango+sunflower seed butter oatmeal)

My pre-work routine would not be complete without some TV watching while getting ready. The TV show preferance as of late?

Boy Meets World! An oldie but a goodie for sure.

To my great pleasure, the workday flew by! A coffee Trawffle helped as well…

Before I knew it, the two long meetings of the day were over and it was time to make the drive home. I was warned of potential thunderstorms but luckily none were encountered…until the moment I arrived home.

And now we arrive full circle back to where this post first started – with rain. The sky quickly started darkening and ominous clouds rolled in.

They rolled and rolled and I waited and waited…

But the threatening thunderstorm I was craving never began.

Only a few drizzles tapped on my window. Oh well, I guess you can’t always get the downpour you want right? Hmmm I never thought I would be saying that!

Can’t wait to “sleep in” tomorrow…my bed awaits!

Rain – love it or hate it?

Any Boy Meets World fans out there?

♥ Irina