Sometimes all you need is a different perspective on life in order to shut out that nasty inner whiny voice. My life is far from perfect – I have personal problems, self-confidence issues, and the occasional “why me?” attitude. Yes, these are problems very.single.person crosses at some point in life, and I am no exception. Life is not just black and white – there’s plenty of grey mixed in as well.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done my fair share of whining and complaining about my life as of late. In particular, my job has gotten the biggest hit. But something happened yesterday that really put my life in perspective. I was talking to a co-worker from my previous job and he was telling me about the horrible time everyone was having there. Apparently right around the time I left, things got very complicated (not related to my departure!) and every single person in that tiny company has been severely overworked and completely stretched thin. Not to mention, each person has to travel cross-country every week!

I immediately felt like a moron. How have I been openly complaining this entire time when things could’ve been so much worse for me? I could’ve still been working in that draining company where I felt de-valued and miserable. I worked very hard to get my current “dream job” and I am incredibly lucky to be part of a lauded worldwide company. Amidst all my whining about traveling and working on a project in the middle of nowhere (although quite close to home regardless), I forgot to remind myself that this is exactly what I wanted. I have a great job, a blooming career, and incredible opportunities that others would love to have.

I worked hard to get to where I am today and I need to learn to enjoy every moment. I am blessed, lucky, and grateful.

Perspective…it’s the medicine I needed to cure my pesky pessimism…for now at least…

What’s your go-to medicine for pessimistic, whiny days?

♥ Irina