Flashback Friday: 2007 High School Turnabout Dance

My senior year of high school was truly life-changing for me. As I previously mentioned, I finally stitched up my heartbreak wounds and was whole once again. 

So here’s a flashback to my senior year Turnabout Dance. Enjoy!


I started off the second half of my senior year with a bang…and a new crush. Once the classic Turnabout Dance (also known as the Sadie Hawkins dance) rolled around, I knew who I wanted to ask (the girls ask the guys to the dance!) but severely lacked the confidence and bravery to do so.

Thank god for pushy friends. After weeks of planning, I knew I had to execute my plan of attack. Once again, thank god for friends. My new eye candy was luckily good friends with my group of homies (<– yes I did just say that…high school lingo is necessary here), which certainly helped.

So how did I pop the question? Well, my (future) date loved pizza so a friend and I headed over to the nearest Papa John’s and wrote out “TB?” with pepperoni. Too bad I don’t have a picture! To accentuate the letters, we used hot sauce to outline the pepperoni. I remember being so worried that J* (I’ll call him J for privacy) would hate the hot sauce, but it ends up that he loved putting hot sauce on his pizza!

I also remember sitting in my friend’s car with the warm pizza box resting on my lap, working to quickly convince myself to step out of the car and ring the doorbell. This went on for about 15 minutes. I remember all the details – what I was wearing, what car my friend was driving, my nervousness and awkwardness. You may have already realized that  once I asked, J said YES! Haha it sounds like I proposed or something…

Finally, the fun planning part began. My girlfriends and I were in charge of ironing out the details such as restaurant location, limo reservations, dance tickets, pre-dance photography location, post-dance party location, etc. You can only guess how neurotic we were about everything. We even made a seating chart for the restaurant to accomodate everyone’s friends and “frenemies.” Oh high school dramas, I sometimes miss you and your pathetic simplicity.

Dress shopping was a whole other ordeal. Somewhere along the line many of the girls decided on wearing sassy black dresses. Black is my go-to color so I had no problems with this. I had already visualized the type of dress I wanted (a tight black strapless number), but finding my vision in real life was a challenge in itself. Cache came to the rescue (it later would again for my Prom dress) and I found a dress that I still wear to this day.

So we finally arrive to the day of the dance! I got my hair did:

It was a bit too curly for my liking but I rolled with it anyway (no pun intended).

I slipped on my sexy dress and immediately felt like a rock star.

Much thanks to my sis for letting me borrow her strappy black stilettos! Also, see that white mark on my leg? Well the night before the dance I bumped into something and received a nasty black n’ blue bruise. Concealer was absolutely necessary.

We all arrived for pictures at a friend’s house (we had a group of about 12?) and proceeded to snap away.

I had a hell of a time pinning on the corsage, and eventually my mom had to intervene. (J’s face blurred for privacy)

We made quite a pretty couple if I do say so myself.

Two of my closest friends and I…we’re still good friends even to this day!

Ladies in black

The men of the group

Eventually, our limo arrived and swept the group away to a local Italian restaurant where all seats already had name cards arranged “randomly” (we didn’t tell anyone that we actually planned the seating chart).

(Sorry for all the pictures of me! I just don’t feel comfortable posting pictures that include others as they might not like the idea of their photos plastered all over the internet)

The dance, which was held in our school cafeteria, soon followed and it was a blast! Unfortunately, I barely took any photos of the event.

The classic MySpace mirror shot

After the dance concluded, the real party began. I’ll spare you the details but lets just say that there was plenty of debauchery involved…

…and the next morning was not pleasant. There’s a tradition that runs in our high school where each group for any dance creates shirts with the dance theme and everyone’s names listed. These shirts are worn by everyone the day following the dance when the group goes out to breakfast (another tradition).

As you can see, I looked quite horrific the next morning. You can catch a glimpse of the shirt our group designed – the theme was ‘South of the Border’ and the shirt had a neon green cactus dancing in a hat with maracas printed on the front.

And that wraps up the Turnabout recap! In case you’re wondering, J and I later went on to become pretty good friends and we never dated.

The end…

♥ Irina

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  1. May 11, 2012 / 11:58 am

    Aww, cute flashback. High school was SO hilarious with how momentous everything seemed!