A Wrinkle In Time

Thank you a million times over for those who have bravely and loyally fought for the nation. We are ever-grateful ♥


Not sure where I last left off, but it’s irrelevant because I finally got to watch the sunset of my dreams!


The moon started peaking through while the glaring sun was calling it quits for the day – a perfect juxtaposition.

If you recall, my family and I went to Michigan and stayed in a cabin for Memorial day weekend. The past three days have been filled with food, running, walking, exploring, relaxing, sleeping, and beach-ing it up on Lake Michigan.

I haven’t done a tour of our cozy little cabin, so here it is! Pardon the mess.

Living room:


(fully stocked with all utensils and supplies!)


Sunroom (our favorite room in the house!):

Thoughtful decorations:

Hmm maybe I should have done a mini video tour…next time…

Now lets continue where we left off yesterday. Remember that little picture preview? Well, my sis has had an odd poppy seed craving for the past 2 weeks and she basically forced us to make a traditional Russian poppy seed roll. Of course, being the health freaks that we are, the sis and I tweaked the recipe and “healthified” it to the best of our abilities. The dough was made with yogurt, milk, yeast, whole wheat flour, and molasses. It was beautiful!

Molasses is my new addiction and I can’t get enough. Can’t.

Roll the dough:

Fill with poppy seeds and raisins:

Roll it up:

I’ll be the first to admit that this does not look very pretty or appetizing. No need to write what it looks like to me, but feel free to use your imagination…

Given our newbie-ness, the roll kind of fell apart, but the sis played doctor and skillfully mended the boo boo:

We clearly had many issues with the recipe so it’s best to not share the recipe (see the water oozing out?). The final result?

Surprisingly delicious! See, even potential ugly disasters can end up fab.

After baking up a storm in the tiny kitchen, we went to watch the sunset at last (see above). The entire neighborhood probably thought we were crazy because we must have walked back and forth to the lake about 5 times expecting to see the sunset (too early every time!). Such rookies…

At least the finale was worth it! Afterwards, the parentals immediately started working their magic on the grill. Portobella mushroom caps and beef burgers were on the menu, but I was on meat-overload and went with a bella veggie sandwich + salad:

Poppy seed cake and tea for dessert!

(strawberry + Greek yogurt topping)

My dad drove home after dinner and the ladies of the family stayed back for a final night in the cabin.  The following morning we said our goodbyes to the cabin over a farewell breakfast consisting of whole wheat French toast:

Topped with fresh fruit, sunflower seed butter, Greek yogurt, Manuka honey, and cacao nibs:

All good things must come to an end, and our short trip was no exception. There was a beautiful leather-bound guest book left for all visitors to sign:

Despite the short history of the cabin (7 years young!), the memory book pages were filled with joy, happiness, love, drawings, and photographs:

It was truly a wrinkle in time, and we made sure to continue the tradition.

Soon enough, we packed up and hit the road. A mere 2 hours later, Lake Michigan greeted us yet again but this time on the shores of Chicago.

North Avenue and Oak Street beaches were crawling with people! It made me so grateful for the peace and quiet I experienced with my family while in Michigan. It was a perfect and much-needed escape from reality.

I’m pretty bummed that I have to return to the cornfields tomorrow for work, but at least it’s a shortened week! Workin’ hard to see the silver lining here folks…

P.S. – my dad found a tick in his hair earlier today! We’re kind of freaking out but it doesn’t seem to be a deer tick nor does it look like the tick withdrew any blood. Not sure what the next steps are but our doctor will definitely be getting a call tomorrow :/

Where did you see the sunset of your dreams?

Have you or anyone you know ever been bit by a tick? Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Help!

♥ Irina