Washington, D.C. Round 2 (5/2/2013 – 5/5/2013)

Weekend #2 in Washington, D.C. was a success! It all started on a Thursday (May 2nd) evening when my friend and I met at O’Hare and jet-set to the East Coast. We planned this trip many months ago to visit our fellow co-workers out east because we hadn’t seen each other in over a year. This was the second time in less than a week I would be visiting D.C. – I had just flown in after the half marathon a few days prior. The best part is that the flight to and from D.C. is barely 2 hours long. I was exhausted after a crazy workday so I was more than ready to relax on the plane…my PTO officially started at 4pm that Thursday!


Upon landing in the Capitol, Patty and I headed to our hotel – the Westin City Center. Amanda, one of our other friends, flew in a little later and met us at the hotel. We got a glass of wine and some snacks and proceeded to purchase the entire bottle of wine to polish off back in our hotel room while catching up on life late into the night. It was fantastic!

wine food

The following morning Amanda stayed back to work while Patty and I went out to explore the city. We went to Wicked Waffle where I satisfied my craving for smoked salmon:

waffle sandwich

We didn’t plan out our itinerary so the touristy aspect of the trip was basically decided on a whim. In all honesty I prefer calm and casual exploration days to those planned down to the minute, so I had no problems with this. After getting manicures, we explored the city in perfect weather.


We stopped by the White House, of course:

White House

Hung out with Obama (ha.ha.ha.):

White House
And then walked over to the Washington Monument, which was unfortunately under construction:

Washington Monument
I still can’t get over the beauty of Washington, D.C. It’s so lush and green and the amount of nature surrounding the city and its precious landmarks is incredible. I’m bummed I missed the cherry blossoms but I did try to snap some “cool” photos of the dried blossom leaves flying out of my hand and into the wind.





Soon enough, it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for our happy hour where we would reunite with all our east coast friends again! From 5pm on, the night got a little…wild…to say the least. We all had a blast seeing one another!


I adore these ladies!


Needless to say, I had to call it quits very early in the night thanks to the early liquid start…

The following morning I woke up and walked over to Founding Farmers restaurant for brunch with one of my old friends from college. We hadn’t seen each other in what may be about a year, so it was awesome seeing him and hearing all the crazy updates in our mutual friends’ lives (seriously, I mean crazy updates…I have some weird friends). I ordered the most delicious beet-goat cheese-egg hash (no photo), rounding out the awesome breakfast with coffee.

Afterwards, I met up with Patty again and we proceeded to be tourists for the second day.


Stops included the Vietnam Memorial:

Vietnam Memorial

The Reflecting Pool:

Reflection Pool

And the Lincoln Memorial:

Lincoln Memorial


We then met up with Amanda and her boyfriend in Georgetown (my favorite area!) where we ate frozen yogurt, shopped, and stopped by Georgetown Cupcakes:

DC Cupcakes

DC Cupcakes
You guys, these were so good! The line to purchase was seemingly long but we only waited for 10 minutes. It didn’t take long for the employee at the door to convince us to purchase a half-dozen cupcakes ($2 discount!) to split among the four of us. We foolishly convinced ourselves that we would have a few cupcakes left over…

DC Cupcakes

(Flavors clockwise from top right: chocolate³, white chocolate raspberry, salted caramel, mint cookies and cream, coconut, lavender earl grey)

…yea that definitely didn’t happen!

DC Cupcakes

We demolished those bad boys in a matter of minutes.

After some more wandering around (and some shopping may have snuck into the picture as well…) we headed back to the hotel to prep for the night. We arrived to a 2-hour wait at Lauriol Plaza, a popular and delicious Mexican restaurant. Shockingly, the group we met with wanted to wait so we stood around for 1.5 hours until they finally seated us! The wait was more-or-less worth it, I ended up ordering veggie fajitas which were delicious! We continued with the Latin theme and headed to Cafe Citron, a Latin club, after dinner to burn off all those calories through dancing!

Cafe Citron

I’m actually a huge lover of Latin music, so I had a blast! We danced all night, literally until the club closed, and then went to refuel with food before heading back to the hotel (…at 6am…oops). It’s been a while since I was such a night owl and it was fun to see the old college Irina pop out for a night. However, those 3 hours of sleep were not so fun and Patty and I struggled to get to the airport the next morning.

And just like that our wild D.C. trip came to an end. 2 hours later I was home and more sleep-deprived than I have been all of last year. This trip wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies though. Tensions, bad decisions, and personality clashes were aplenty but I would still consider the weekend reunion a success. No regrets right? I am now looking forward to spending the next few weeks at home, sans travel. Well, unless I end up booking another impromptu trip somewhere in typical Irina fashion!

Have you ever visited/flown to the same place two weekends in a row?

If you could choose any city to live in, which would it be?

♥ Irina


  1. May 15, 2013 / 8:12 am

    Those cupcakes look fantastic! I remember the owners had a show for a while on TLC or something like that…

    I’m glad the reunion was a success despite some issues. Even though I’m not always a fan of change, it’s nice to know how people have been/ what they have been up to if you haven’t seen them in a while.

  2. May 15, 2013 / 11:24 am

    Whoa! So I have a cousin that goes to Georgetown, and yesterday a picture of him and some of his friends popped up on my Newsfeed on Facebook, and it was tagged at Founding Farmers. What are the chances that I run across that restaurant on the Internet two days in a row? Weird!

    I’m dying over those cupcakes. Pretty sure I’d purchase half a dozen to split with no one but me, myself, and I 😉

  3. May 15, 2013 / 7:22 pm

    Ahhh…everything looks gorgeous! The weather sounds like it was perfect. I’ve been to DC in the middle of summer which was absolutely unbearable.
    Those cupcakes have my mouth watering! As does the mediterranean plate and wine- YUM! So glad that you had a good time. (:

  4. Shannon
    May 17, 2013 / 6:35 am

    So I officially need to have a weekend with you! This weekend looks like it is one of those weekends that only comes around every so often and you really lived it up! I love your first night of wine and snacks! Those are my favorite but I have yet to get to have one at a hotel! The amount of times I have been to DC and I have never been to Georgetown, I want to change this