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Frames From The Weekend 7/26/2013 – 7/28/2013

Yikes, is it really Wednesday already?!? Another late weekend post from me…oops! Let’s get right to it, shall we? My sister and her friend visited me this past weekend and we opted to experience the city through a tourist’s perspective.

{I officially have my second piece of furniture! […]

Frames From The Weekend 7/19/2013 – 7/21/2013

Another day, another delayed post. Oops! I actually flew back to Chicago on Sunday evening for work and have been hanging out at home ever since.

{Some weekend randoms: * froyo for lunch (and dinner) * the beautiful streets of Manhattan * the return of Lotus Rouge * […]

Frames From The Weekend 7/12/2013 – 7/14/2013

Monday, Monday, Monday, I am not a fan of you whatsoever. At least memories of the weekend make this day tolerable. We’re currently experiencing another crazy heat wave here and it’s supposed to reach 97 degrees mid-week. Ahh! I’m planning on avoiding the subway at all costs although that’s probably not possible. Summer […]

Frames From The Weekend 7/5/2013 – 7/7/2013

Hello again! Did everyone have a wonderful 4th of July celebration and a beautiful weekend? I sure did! New York is experiencing some sort of crazy heat wave and I’m surprised I haven’t melted yet… Let’s blame the one-day delay of this post on the heat, shall we?

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