Yikes, is it really Wednesday already?!? Another late weekend post from me…oops! Let’s get right to it, shall we? My sister and her friend visited me this past weekend and we opted to experience the city through a tourist’s perspective.


{I officially have my second piece of furniture! The wonderful table I ordered from Walmart (!!!) finally came in, and I assembled it all by myself. Looks like I no longer have an excuse to use my bed as a desk/table/etc. anymore…}


{Sisterly time: * eclairs and tea at a nearby cafe * drinks at the Ganesvoort Hotel rooftop * dancing at Marquee *}


{Saturday adventures: * brunch, NYC style, at Bagatelle * strolling along the Hudson * ice cream break * taking the Staten Island Ferry just for fun *}


{This was technically no longer on the weekend as it took place prior to my sister’s departure on Monday evening, but we headed to Flex Mussels to enjoy some oysters, mussels and champagne. This restaurant is seriously one of my favorites so far in Manhattan!}

Four nights of visitors was plenty for me and I can’t deny that I felt I needed a weekend to relax from the weekend! (Does that make sense?) I’m flying back to Chicago tomorrow for Lollapalooza but the thought of it is truly too exhausting to think about right now.

Do you enjoy hosting?

Have you ever played “tourist” in your hometowm/city?

Who is going to Lollapalooza this weekend?!?

♥ Irina

Another day, another delayed post. Oops! I actually flew back to Chicago on Sunday evening for work and have been hanging out at home ever since.


{Some weekend randoms: * froyo for lunch (and dinner) * the beautiful streets of Manhattan * the return of Lotus Rouge * a feeble attempt at curling my hair* }

NY --> Chi

{I flew back to Chicago on Sunday afternoon, and yes I missed New York almost immediately upon landing. It felt wonderful seeing my family and friends though! My gift to the parentals was a beautiful case of fancy macarons from Laduree, one of the best (if not the best) macaron shop in Manhattan. Every single flavor was incredible.}


{Home is where the heart is! My Sunday in a few words: ice cream sampling, Gossip Girl, packing}

And that’s all! I have a reunion dinner with my besties later tonight and I fly back to Manhattan tomorrow. Damn, I miss that addicting city already!

What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?

Do you like macarons?

♥ Irina

Monday, Monday, Monday, I am not a fan of you whatsoever. At least memories of the weekend make this day tolerable. We’re currently experiencing another crazy heat wave here and it’s supposed to reach 97 degrees mid-week. Ahh! I’m planning on avoiding the subway at all costs although that’s probably not possible. Summer – I love you but I hate you sometimes too…


{Friday faves: snacking on sweet organic blackberries *** polishing off the remainder of my red wine and simultaneously showing off my new favorite polish – ‘Vamp‘ by Chanel *** sneaking up on my building’s rooftop…that’s the smile of success! *** a tasty lunch featuring whole wheat pasta, chicken sausage, tomatoes, and fresh basil *** a much needed mani + pedi to start the weekend off right}


{Saturday brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup! We shared two teas and a 3-tier breakfast featuring freshly baked scones, scrambled eggs, and yogurt+fruit+granola. I chose the vegan strawberry-chocolate chip scone and it was out.of.this.world and even tastier topped with jam + whipped butter. I will most definitely return to Alice’s Tea Cup…the food was great and the atmosphere was cozy and adorable.}


{Some weekend randoms: drinking red wine before heading out *** finally purchasing a full-length mirror (!!!) *** walking down the streets of NY…my heart still leaps every time I see this view *** NYPD in Union Square – there was a huge protest in the square after the Zimmerman trial *** one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – I spied these knives waiting to be thrown out and picked them up just in case, they are completely new and still packaged *** my french press shattered so I made my way to Bed, Bath & Beyond to purchase a real coffee maker}


{By far the best and coolest purchase EVER: an authentic Soviet coin from 1913 made into a necklace! How amazing is that?!? The coin is literally a century old, incredible! Just thinking about where this coin has been in the past 100 years makes me giddy. I bought it from a street vendor who has a killer collection of coins from all around the world. I’m planning on stalking her down next weekend and purchasing more! Although this 1913 coin is one-of-a-kind.}

Are you experiencing a heat wave? How do you cope with this madness?

Do you enjoy collecting coins? 

♥ Irina

Hello again! Did everyone have a wonderful 4th of July celebration and a beautiful weekend? I sure did! New York is experiencing some sort of crazy heat wave and I’m surprised I haven’t melted yet… Let’s blame the one-day delay of this post on the heat, shall we?

4th of July

{Although the 4th of July technically wasn’t a weekend, I thought I would include it in this post anyway. I ended up celebrating 2 nights in a row, both consisting of fun adventures on gorgeous New York rooftops overlooking a stunning, sparkling city. I didn’t have the best view of the incredible firework show from the rooftop we were on, but it was lovely nonetheless. ♥ summer nights}

Central Park

{I kind of burnt myself out by going out until the wee hours of the morning two nights in a row, so I ended up taking it easy during the weekend. Despite living only a few short blocks from Central Park, I shockingly hadn’t made it to the park since moving to NY until Friday evening! My goodness, I forgot how absolutely stunning this natural wonder is. It’s literally a forest tucked away between one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world…a place of peace among a concrete jungle. Truly incredible. I feel so blessed to live so close to this serene beauty.}


{Some food from the weekend: tea tea tea and more tea; veggie + fresh mozzarella sandwich on pumpernickel bread; Union Square farmer’s market…the best I’ve ever been to; tasty organic chicken sausages to add to my salads; fresh organic mint; homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam}

And that’s that! I’m clearly still failing at blogging on a regular basis but give me some time…I’ll get there!

Do you enjoy fireworks?

♥ Irina