Frames From The Weekend 4/4/2014 – 4/6/2014

Spring is here at last! I hope I’ve seen the last of winter because these incredibly warm days are spoiling me. I’m sure we can all agree…

FFTW Spring

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My weekend adventures technically started on Thursday evening although I still had to work on Friday. A friend and I stopped by the famous Rose Bar where we sipped on (highly overpriced) martinis while listening to a live Jazz band. Our night moved on to Fig 19, a classic speakeasy with strong drinks. Don’t worry, I survived the following busy work day!


{Friday: I slipped into a little black dress and met up with some friends at Onegin, a Russian restaurant/nightclub. Luxurious decor, deliciously authentic food, and classic infused vodka shots (don’t judge)…need I say more? After a few hours of dining and dancing, we made our way to 675 Bar (I think?) where we continued our carefree night out in the city that never sleeps. The night ended with a post-party meal at a random restaurant in Korea Town. I’m embarrassed to say that I got home around the time that some runners start their day (again, don’t judge). Epic! It was easily one of the best nights I’ve had here in NYC.}


{Saturday: I wasn’t able to sleep in because I had a not-so-fun appointment with a tax accountant in the morning. My dad always does our taxes but 2013 was too complicated due to my split state residency. Afterwards, took a stroll through Central Park and met up with a friend for some shopping on the Upper West Side. The battle with myself on whether to go out or not in the evening (#FOMO) eventually ended with a wise decision to stay in and give my body a much-needed break. I traded make-up and heels for froyo and the final episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Don’t even get me started on the HIMYM finale…my heart is still not at ease!}


{Sunday: I finally got to sleep in!!! Even though I always naturally wake up around 8AM, I forced myself to go back to sleep until about 10AM. I have no shame in “sleeping in”…one day I won’t have the opportunity to do so and I’m taking advantage of it now while I can! I started the morning with plantain pancakes (recipe coming this week) followed by grocery shopping. It took pretty much all day to convince myself to go running, but I’m so glad I did! Despite continuing shin pain, the run was one of those glorious ones where you simply don’t want to stop moving your legs.}

I’m looking forward to this week already – promising warm weather, a night out on Tuesday (no rest for the wicked), girl’s wine night on Wednesday, and who knows what else! Spring has sprung.

Who watched the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale? Thoughts? Let’s discuss!

Do you allow yourself to sleep in on weekends?

♥ Irina


  1. April 7, 2014 / 12:19 pm

    Crocuses! How exciting! I haven’t seen any flowers in Chicago yet, but hopefully they’re coming soon. Crocuses make me so happy, since usually once they’re out I know that spring is really here! Also, definitely looking forward to that plantain pancake recipe…I’m so intrigued by those!

    Trying to do taxes when you’re state situation is weird is the WORST. In 2012 I spent almost exactly half the year in Michigan and half the year in Illinois, so I had no idea which state I counted as a “resident” of (and I had earned money in both states, making things even more confusing). I decided that from here on out, if I ever move to another state, I’m only moving on January 1 to make my residency situation a little more straightforward haha.

    • April 10, 2014 / 8:40 am

      I love that you know what those flowers are called! Seriously, thanks for enlightening me though haha I’m clearly not wise when it comes to flowers other than roses.

      My situation was the same last year! I moved mid-June AKA right in the middle of the year as weel. To make things even more complicated, NYC has its own city tax AND I wanted to claim moving expenses. My dad, who is typically a pro with our taxes, gave up and sent me to H&R Block. Never again…that short appointment cost so much $$! Horrible. I agree with you…January 1st or no moving at all!

  2. April 7, 2014 / 2:13 pm

    Another fabulous weekend of NYC-style living for you! Love it!!! Your hair looks gorgeous in that first picture, too. Did you flat-iron it?

    So I’ve never been a devoted watcher of How I Met Your Mother, but I’ve seen enough episodes to get the gist. That series finale was definitely unexpected, but so unfulfilling indeed. I heard somewhere that they had originally filmed that final scene right when the show began. However, they didn’t anticipate the show would take off and last as many years as it did. So they had to keep that final scene under wraps for all these years, and then find a way to make it work in the end. Funny how these things don’t always go as planned, eh?

    • April 10, 2014 / 8:46 am

      Thank you thank you! I do flat-iron my hair….my poor poor hair definitely suffers from all the excessive heating. Sacrifices for beauty? Haha

      That’s so interesting about HIMYM! I’ve been hearing various things about the finale, including a story that there is actually an alternate ending that may be released in the DVD. I’m curious though. I thought the finale was very…realistic…in that it presented what truly happens in the real world (i.e. no “happy fairy tale endings” and all that), but it left me unsettled.