Marathon Training (Week 6-9)

Well well well, talk about a failure to update! In short, yes I’m still running. As much as I love summer, I despise running in the heat. That basically sums it up…now let’s check my progress shall we?

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{my favorite running spot back home}

WEEK 6 (6/9/2014 – 6/15/2014)
Monday: 75 min Vinyasa Yoga
Tuesday: 5 mile run (45:07 min @ 9:02 min/mi)
Wednesday: 60 45 min Cross-training (45 min Pilates)
Thursday: 3 mile pace (23:46 min @ 7:56 min/mi)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 9 mile run (1:28:07 @ 9:48 min/mi)
Sunday35 min bike Rest
TOTAL = 17 miles

WEEK 7 (6/16/2014 – 6/22/2014)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 mile run Rest
Wednesday: 60 min Cross-training Rest
Thursday: 35 min tempo – 3.82 miles @ 9:11 min/mi
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 mile run Rest
Sunday35 min bike Rest
TOTAL = 3.82 miles

WEEK 8 (6/23/2014 – 6/29/2014)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 mile run Rest
Wednesday: 60 min Cross-training (45 min Body Conditioning, 15 min abs)
Thursday: 4 mile run (38:54 min @ 9:44 min/mi)
Friday: 75 min Vinyasa Yoga
Saturday: 8 mile run (1:20:47 @ 10:06 min/mi)
Sunday35 min bike Rest
TOTAL = 12 miles

WEEK 9 (6/30/2014 – 7/6/2014)
Monday: 75 min Vinyasa Yoga
Tuesday: 6 mile run (58:43 min @ 9:47 min/mi)
Wednesday: 60 min Cross-training Rest
Thursday4 mile pace Rest
Friday: 11 mile run (1:45:51 @ 9:38 min/mi)
Saturday12 mile run Rest
Sunday40 min bike 4 mile pace (36:32 min @ 9:08 min/mi)
TOTAL = 21 miles

Thoughts: Where to begin? I’ll break it down by week for simplicity.

Week 6 – This was a fairly successful week despite traveling back to Chicago on Wednesday night. Please note that ridiculously speedy (for me) 3 miler at a 7:56 min/mi pace! Oh and that 9 miler was absolutely brutal! I stopped to rest multiple times and battled an extreme stomach ache the entire time. I also ran in new shoes (Brooks PureFlow 2’s…I typically run in PureFlow 3s) and basically destroyed my shins/knees.

Week 7 – I ended up taking almost the entire week off from running. The combination of new shoes and aching legs meant I had no regrets with the running break. I also ended up extending my stay in Chicago and basically had no choice but to skip out on the 10 miler without properly broken-in shoes.

Week 8 – It took some time to get back into a running groove, and the extreme summer heat didn’t help. This was the week that truly tested my commitment to the marathon. I struggled through every run and beat myself up over the many, many times I had to stop during each run. Ups and downs, ups and downs…

Week 9 – The big news this week was that I quit the gym! I know, it’s slightly tragic and upsetting but the co$t just wasn’t worth it any longer with all my upcoming traveling. Now I’ll have to cross-train at home (yea right). Anyway, I finally felt good about my running this week. I even hit my first double-digit run since December! I’m still battling shin splints and a possible case of runner’s knee, but stretching + foam rolling helps.


I finally feel like I’m back on track with running. I know the summer heat is going to continue impacting my running, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay to cross that finish line! I also have one last piece of running news to share but it deserves its own post.

♥ Irina


  1. Sasha
    July 14, 2014 / 10:26 am

    I am so impressed by your dedication to training. You are inspiring!

    • July 14, 2014 / 9:33 pm

      awww thanks sis 🙂

  2. July 14, 2014 / 10:37 am

    Hey! Let’s be marathon training runner’s knee twins! Ugh. Running injuries/aches and pains are so frustrating, but I’m glad to hear you’re getting relief through stretching and foam rolling. Keep up the good work! Something that helps me during hot hot hot runs is remembering that it’ll be SO much easier to run once it gets cooler, and all the conditioning I do in the heat will pay off big time once fall rolls around. Doesn’t necessarily make running in the heat enjoyable, but at least it gives me a little motivation.

    • July 14, 2014 / 9:39 pm

      Oh my gosh it’s the most annoying injury ever! Shin splints too… So I’ve come to realize that orthotics seem to be the cause of my runner’s knee. The same thing happened to me when I trained for my first half marathon with custom-made orthotics. The issue was resolved after I ditched the orthotics, but shin splints then returned. The same seems to be happening now too. I actually bought the Dr. Scholl’s orthotics from Walgreens about a month ago and they felt great at the beginning, until the same knee pain came back.

      Keep me posted on your PT progress! Glad to hear your knee pain seems to have gone away for now (*knock on wood*) after taking some time off last week. And you’re SO RIGHT about heat training leading to killer fall runs when the temps are cooler. I’m even noticing now that running in cooler temps is so much easier after those killer heat sessions!