Marathon Training (Week 21)

I’m not sure why people always complain about tapering because I’m loving it! I did initially have a few moments of panic when I suddenly started questioning my training and whether 3 runs per week over the course of five months has been adequate training…I guess I was a victim of taper madness as well!

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new shoes

{Stocking up on new shoes! I snagged a pair of Saucony Cortana 3s for only $100 (original price = $150) and each pair of Brooks Pureflow 2s for $35! Major score.}

WEEK 21 (9/22/2014 – 9/28/2014)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 mile run (54:51 min @ 9:09 min/mi)
Wednesday60 min Cross-training Rest
Thursday6 mile run Rest
Friday: 6 mile run (56:01 min @ 9:20 min/mi)
Saturday: 12 mile run
Sunday50 min bike 12 mile run (1:55:55 @ 9:40 min/mi)
TOTAL = 24 miles

Thoughts: I “only” had to run 6 miles as part of my weekday runs, which was a relief compared to the 10 miles I had to run in the weeks prior. Tuesday’s 6-miler went great! The weather was really nice and cool, and I actually enjoyed running along the East River. I accidentally slept longer than planned on Thursday and ended up pushing my second weekday run to Friday instead. Luckily, this wasn’t a disappointment considering that Thursday was the rainiest day we’ve had in a while! But the following day I struggled through 6 miles with a bad case of ‘lead leg syndrome.’ It was one of those sh*tty runs where you start to question your training and ability to run a full marathon. I’m choosing to stay positive though because we all have bad run days…

I had to attend a birthday party on Friday, so I pushed my long run out to Sunday. Can I complain for a second about this seemingly endless heat? Sunday was a toasty 80 degrees! Thank goodness for the Central Park trees (so much shade!) and a semi-cloudy day for helping me survive through all 12 miles. And dare I say how nice it was to be running for less than 3+ hours? Taper madness? Pshhh yea right!

Overall, I consider this week to be a running success. The best part was that I once again took zero rest breaks during each scheduled run. In a way, I’ve been using these taper weeks to train my mind to push through mental barriers. I wanted to stop a few times but successfully talked myself out of it. My only major concern at this point is still pre-race fueling. I no longer eat anything before short weekday runs and long runs, but I obviously cannot start running 26.2 miles on empty. The main reason for skipping any fuel (with the exception of coffee) before running is because I’m simply not hungry that soon after waking up. I’m hoping that waking up a few hours before the actual marathon will provide ample time to fuel up appropriately because I know that my stomach can and will handle toast + peanut butter + banana slices.

♥ Irina


  1. October 1, 2014 / 2:02 pm

    nice job, and glad you’re enjoying the tapering! which of your running sneaks do you like best? i’ve long been a New Balance girl but am thinking of trying something new, just to see…haven’t ever done Brooks. thoughts, from your experience?

  2. October 1, 2014 / 2:45 pm

    People complain about tapering because eventually taper turns into marathon week when you’re a bundle of nerves and have no way to burn off that energy 😉 At least, that was definitely my experience last year. I survived taper just fine up until the week of the marathon, at which point I was LOSING IT. Hahaha.

    Maybe you could give your pre-marathon fuel some practice this week? I know it’ll suck to wake up way earlier than necessary on Saturday just for the sake of eating, but it may be better to do that *just* in case something ends up not going quite as well as you’d like it to. I’d rather find that out on a short long run than on race day!