Frames From The Weekend 1/1/2015 – 1/4/2015

Welcome to the new year! Just saying that gives me butterflies in my stomach. What’s better than a fresh new start? This year is already turning out to be packed with incredible events – Boston in February, my high school friends visiting in March, the NYC Half Marathon mid-March, the bestie possibly visiting in April or May, a friend’s bachelorette party sometime in the summer, two of my close friends’ due dates both in July (!!!), school, a wedding in India, and so so so many other events. Can you tell how excited I am?!?

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Anyway, let’s recap the start of this year. I had a long weekend starting from New Year’s Eve and it’s been a wonderful escape from reality.

NYE 2015

{New Year’s Eve: I have a bad record with my NYE celebrations (see my ghosts of New Year’s Eve past) but this year was perfection. My entire family, including my sister and her fiancé, came over to my best friend’s house to celebrate together with her family. We feasted on delicious Russian food, chatted about anything and everything, and rang in 2015 three times (once for NYC, once for Chicago, and once for L.A to represent all of our homes!). I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the start of a new year. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and close friends!}

January 1st 2015

{January 1st: I woke up the next morning completely hangover-free and happier than ever. It was absolutely freezing outside but I bundled up and set out for a quick 1 mile run. It’s a running tradition for me – I run 1 mile on January 1st to set a good running tone for the rest of the year. During tough runs I remind myself that I can always run 1 mile and it helps get me over the mental barrier. I returned to a glorious breakfast setup featuring mom’s pancakes, delicious leftovers, scrambled eggs, sausages, cookies, and mimosas. What a perfect way to start the new year!}


{I was only in town for a few days but I managed to sneak it reunions with all my favorite lovers. Up first was our annual Secret Santa gift exchange with my high school best friends. It’s a longstanding tradition and one we plan on continuing far into the future. The next day (Friday) I met up with a friend and his wife for a scrumptious sashimi lunch and then drove over to sushi restaurant #2 (no joke) almost immediately after to reunite with my other besties. I have some great news to share – two of my besties are expecting!!! Their due dates are a mere two weeks apart and I couldn’t be happier!}


{I spent Friday, my last night in Chicago, hanging out with my mom in her cozy bed. We watched an oldie movie, Baby Boom, and it turned out to be really cute! I flew back to NYC the following afternoon after encountering a short delay thanks to terrible weather in both cities. The rest of my Saturday was mellow – tea and a movie, Somm, in bed (such a great documentary, highly recommended!). I crazily slept in until noon on Sunday and then set out for a 4-mile run along the East River. It was foggy and dreary outside but unusually warm, so I enjoyed the run regardless of looming rain. The rest of the day was low-key again…I basically ate delicious food, went grocery shopping, enjoyed tea in my new glass mug, and watched T.V.}

I’ve barely worked these past two weeks and I’m so not looking forward to returning today. My to-do list is already giving me major anxiety. One step at a time…

On a more positive note, I’m still working on my 2015 Inspiration Board (see my 2014 recap here) and will share as soon as it’s complete!

How was your New Year’s Eve? 

Do you have any January 1st traditions?

♥ Irina



  1. January 8, 2015 / 7:27 pm

    So many exciting happenings indeed! So does the ‘wedding in India’ mean you are going there 😀 ?!

    Love the matching owl socks you and your friends have on! So cute!

    • January 11, 2015 / 7:34 pm

      Yes that’s what it means! It’s still not definite but that’s the plan 🙂 I hope it all works out!