My New Running Toy!

After four wonderful years with the best running companion, AKA Garmin Forerunner 305, I decided it was time for an upgrade to bigger (actually physically smaller) and better things…

Garmin Forerunner 220

…why hello there beautiful!

Garmin Forerunner 220

It was the perfect storm – I needed to upgrade my watch, my dad gave me an Amazon gift card, and I’ve been promising my sister my old Garmin. So after doing some research, I settled on the Garmin Forerunner 220.

Garmin Forerunner 220

Since I’m a rebel and all, I decided to purchase the “manly” color of black and red. Believe me when I tell you how annoyed I was at seeing this gender specification on all the photos I saw of this watch. While I loved the white, the added purple band was just too conspicuous for me. So far, I’m very happy with my choice!

Garmin Forerunner 220

I was debating between the Forerunner 620 and the 220, but the 620 was much more expensive and had a bunch of (really cool but excessive) features that I probably wouldn’t use.

Garmin Forerunner 220

Garmin Forerunner 220

I’ve been using this watch for a few months and I’m truly in love. Check out the main differences here, but below are some of my favorite features:

  • picks up satellites very quickly
  • training plan and workout creation
  • color display
  • vibration alerts (love this!)
  • no touch-screen (I love physical buttons because my hands are always sweaty when I run)
  • cadence
  • tells you when you set records
  • bluetooth connection for automatic uploads (so convenient!)
  • waterproof

Here is another great in-depth review of the Forerunner 220.

<<< NOTE: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I wish Garmin knew of me but alas…I’m just another running sharing her obsession with an awesome running product >>>

What do you use to track your activities?

♥ Irina


  1. July 7, 2016 / 7:58 am

    hope you guys have a wonderful relationship! 🙂 i use the Garmin Forerunner 110 (i think?) and haven’t had any issues, so i’ll go strong with it til it fails me. i’m also a button girl as opposed to touch-screen, and i’ve read so many things about the sweaty fingers being issues with screen navigation. enjoy this guy!

    • July 7, 2016 / 11:12 pm

      Thanks! I think one of my favorite features that I surprisingly use more than expected is the ability to set up actual training plans and speed workouts. The watch beeps and vibrates when it’s time to slow down/speed up! A good excuse to start speedwork again, right?

  2. July 7, 2016 / 9:39 am

    So exciting! Getting new running toys is the best 🙂 I run with a Polar M400, which I was 100% in love with until my heart rate monitor battery died, turning my M400 from a device I could use to track all my workouts into basically just another GPS watch. But I still really like it, so now I’m 95% in love with it 😛 My latest acquisition, though is a FitBit Charge HR, and that I think is SUPER cool. It’s quite smart (it can tell what kind of activity I’m doing without me even telling it what I’m doing – like when I was on the elliptical for the first time wearing it, it knew I was doing an elliptical workout, even though I didn’t tell it so), and even though it definitely doesn’t replace my GPS watch, it’s a nice companion to my watch, in my opinion.

    • July 7, 2016 / 11:16 pm

      I had no idea that the FitBit was that fancy! My mom just got a FitBit and I really hope she uses it to start exercising/walking more, but now I want one too. I’m assuming that means the FitBit will be able to track biking miles too, ahhh! I’m planning on purchasing a bike when I return to NYC, and I obviously want to track the mileage somehow. Decisions decisions…

  3. July 7, 2016 / 1:04 pm

    I love the red and black! So pretty! Especially the dual-colored straps. I currently use the Garmin 110. It’s functional, but my biggest frustration is that it takes FOREVER to pick up a satellite. Also, I get annoyed that you can only see your current split on a run – you can’t review the prior splits unless you plug the Garmin in to your computer. I’ll definitely keep the 220 in mind for my next upgrade. =) Thanks for sharing!

    • July 7, 2016 / 11:20 pm

      My old Garmin 305 would also take ages to catch signal, but this Garmin is a joy! It’s instant…usually (sometimes the NYC buildings interfere). But I absolutely adore the feature to set up running workouts, especially speedwork. It’s so easy to create a speed workout with designated times and/or distances + required pace, and download it onto the watch. The watch beeps and vibrates at each interval and even lets you know when you’re running too quickly or slowly! The watch is pricey but totally worth it in my opinion.