Jeez it’s been almost a month since I last posted a Flashback Friday post! Shame on me. Last week was a catastrophe due to technical issues, but all has been resolved to the best of my abilities.

So lets get down to business! Creating today’s Flashback Friday post caused a wave of nostalgia to crash into my heart. High school Prom feels like it just happened a few years ago, when in reality its been 5 years! FIVE YEARS. Wow, time sadly flies by so quickly…too fast.

Anyway, my senior year of high school was one of the best years of my life thus far, and it was certainly the best year of high school. I spent the majority of high school in a horrible relationship that ended near the end of junior year. After recovering all summer, I hit the ground running at the start of senior year. Old friendships were re-built, new friendships formed, all school dances were attended, and lots of partying was involved.

Prom was the cherry on top of a perfect year.


May 18th, 2007 (also my Mom’s birthday!)

Many girls fear being dateless for Prom. I was no exception. Rumors were circling around my group of friends that a certain someone was planning on asking me, but rumors are just that – rumors!

So when I was finally asked to prom by a friend, I was ecstatic! In case you’re wondering, the way I was asked was simple and cheesy but cute! There was first a bag of flour on my doorstep. I was incredibly confused and even searched through the entire bag for a hint of  anything prom related. Nothing. The next day, my future prom date came to my house (I think? My memory is a bit hazy) with a bouquet of flowers and says that he gave me the wrong flowers the day before (flour, flower get it?!? hehe) and asks me to Prom.

With an official invite to the dance of all dances, I was ready for dress shopping at last. I knew I wanted something sleek and sexy without any unnecessary frills and poofs, so when I tried on a gorgeous silver silk dress at Cache I was instantly in love. The dress was pricey but worth every penny. It was Prom after all! I know that Prom is an excessively expensive occasion for most, myself including, but my parents made a sacrifice to grant me my fairytale dress. Thank you my amazing parents!

To sum up Prom weekend: it was perfect. Perfect.

Our huge (22 people!) Prom group gathered for pictures at a group member’s massive house with a beautiful backyard.

I was slightly tardy for the party…

My family and bestie came along as paparazzi.

My date and I looked mighty fine if I do say so myself! (I blurred his face out for privacy)

Minor drama broke out amongst the parents pre-dance when they all collectively decided to ban all of us from spending the weekend in Galena, IL in a rented house. Eventually they all caved and agreed to release us as we all knew they would!

Soon enough our awesome Hummer limo came and swept us away to the dance.

To summarize the dance: lots of picture-taking, some eating (mediocre food), and lots of dancing. An incredible, unforgettable evening!

(my favorite Prom picture of all time!)

After the dance our group set up tents in a member’s backyard where we camped out all night. It was so much fun! The next morning we packed up and made the ~3hr. drive to our rented house in Galena.

I won’t go into too much detail about our weekend as it can also be summarized in a few words: bonding, eating, drinking, partying, some fighting (boys will be boys!), and just hanging out with our diverse group of people.

(epic picture – my friend and I were trying to nap and soon a battle ensued to keep us awake!)

My Prom weekend went down in <my> history books as one of the best times in my life. I still keep in touch with many of the group members five years later. Sadly, one of our Prom group members died almost 2 years ago in a car accident. It was a devastating time for many of my high school friends, and I was lucky to know the beautiful girl and spend an incredible weekend with her.

I’m so blessed to have had the opportunities that I did in high school. Looking back, I know I will never take my high school years for granted. A girl’s gotta have her fairytale moment right?

♥ Irina